Things You Need to Do First Before Shooting With Your Canon Rebel T6

Going through some basic set-up procedures is really needed once you have acquired Canon Rebel T6 or 1300D. Charging the camera's battery is basically the first thing that you need to do. It will take up to four hours and it is advisable to charge it fully to ensure that the battery life will reach long term. You will then fit the battery through a door on the bottom part of the camera.

Take note that if your Canon EOS 1300D is on its back then you need to make sure that the Canon logo is facing upwards. Usually, the camera doesn't include a memory card and so you need to buy one. Sandisk memory card is the most widely used memory card - get one. These cards are recommended since they offer a lifetime guarantee. Always download your images or video files to an external drive or your computer so that the files will be stored more securely. Slipping your memory card into the camera is very easy since it will only fit in one way.

After placing your battery and memory card, then you need to fix the lens. If you bought a standard kit lens which is the 18-55mm EF-SII, then you should notice a small white square on the rim. Remove the cap of the camera and you will see a corresponding white square on it. Line the camera and the lens then turn the lens clockwise until you hear it clicks. When changing the lens of your camera, make sure you keep the camera body facing down so that dust will not enter into it.

After doing all these steps, changing the settings inside the camera follows. The option of setting the time and date will appear after you turned on the camera for the first time. The values can easily be changed using the cross keys on the back of the camera. After setting the time and date, the next thing that you are going to do is go to the menu tabs. This kind of camera offers manual mode setting which can be set on the mode dial - take advantage of this setting. Refer from this Canon Rebel T6 manual.

If you set the camera on manual mode, you will then notice that all the tabs become visible on the LCD screen on the back.

Also take note to set the preferred language. There are plenty to choose from, all you need to do is use the cross keys to navigate and change it to the best language for you. Visit to read more!

It is advisable that you reformat your memory card regularly. Memory card sometimes go nuts especially if it is over-written with too many files. Another good thing about this camera is that it warns you first before it erases all the data.

Don't be surprised of the LCD automatically turns off. The camera does this to save battery life. You can extend the automatic power off up to 15 minutes but we suggest that you extend it to 1 minute - you can also disable this feature.